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So sorry to have disappeared for a while, but I have good news! The spell Ursula cast on me is finally wearing away! Though I still have fish scales on my legs, I'm just so glad to be able to run free again! So majestic and free! The Beautiful Green Beast of Konoha has risen again, just in time for the wonders of nature to burst forth out of the confines of winter!

Would anyone from my world like to come for a jog with me to celebrate?! Oh, nobody should be excluded - anybody who wishes to come for a long jog in celebration of my freedom and of the glory of spring is most welcome!!
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((OOC: There wasn't really any planning in regards to what happened to Gai and Ursula, so I'm just going to wing it. Basics: Ursula turned Gai into a Merman so he could be with her. No, they did not have sex, though I'm not opposed to having Gai think they might have. Mindfuck yey! 8D Also backdated.))

[A very groggy Gai is heard, slowly waking up as he goes on.]
O-Oh, what's this? Underwater..?

That's right - that strange feeling that told me I must see Ursula...Ursula? I didn't even know an Ursula until then.

And then I went to the sea and...


I really have been transformed! Wait, where is Ursula..? Asleep here?

...Next to me?

...Did we - did I - it cannot be..!


[Sounds of something swimming away with great strength and speed. Audio cuts out. This will be the last we hear from Gai for some time.]


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