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Just as Gai had said, he put together a simple but decorative outdoor skating rink in a large empty lot. The walls of the rink had green ribbons around the inside and outside, and there was a small booth at the side where guests could rent skates if they didn't have any of their own. Nearby was a restaurant, with warm lights enticing those who want a break from the winter chill.

And to set the mood just right, light snow was drifting down on the scene; quite a charming set-up really.

((OOC: I'll be setting up separate comment threads, first for the rink then later for the restaurant since they'll be going there for dinner. This isn't supposed to be anything fancy, but hijinks are cool. :3 Mingle, have fun, so on and so forth.))
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Ah community, the time is soon drawing near for my birthday. On that special date of January 1st - which I understand to be New Years Day in some other cultures, how refreshing! - I wish to have my friends here to celebrate with me! But...I can't decide what to do in order to celebrate!

Suggestions, my friends and comrades? There will probably be snow on the ground then, so perhaps a good winter activity!

((OOC: I don't intend for this to be a big event, especially since I don't know how my plans will change for New Years. Yes I know, backdating and all, but still.))
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((OOC: Script-formating for myself to keep things simple/quick. You all may use whatever you want of course. ^^))

[Streamers, several blankets, a basket of dumplings and a few bottles of sake have been set up to start things off for Gai's birthday bash. Just off to the side there appears to be an impromptu stage (a wooden crate) next to a karaoke machine (don't ask how it's been rigged up to actually work). Gai is looking over the site to make sure everything is there and perfect.]


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