spandex_rex: (FREAK-OUT)
2008-02-24 12:47 am


((OOC: There wasn't really any planning in regards to what happened to Gai and Ursula, so I'm just going to wing it. Basics: Ursula turned Gai into a Merman so he could be with her. No, they did not have sex, though I'm not opposed to having Gai think they might have. Mindfuck yey! 8D Also backdated.))

[A very groggy Gai is heard, slowly waking up as he goes on.]
O-Oh, what's this? Underwater..?

That's right - that strange feeling that told me I must see Ursula...Ursula? I didn't even know an Ursula until then.

And then I went to the sea and...


I really have been transformed! Wait, where is Ursula..? Asleep here?

...Next to me?

...Did we - did I - it cannot be..!


[Sounds of something swimming away with great strength and speed. Audio cuts out. This will be the last we hear from Gai for some time.]