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2012-01-16 11:03 pm
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OOC - Concrit/Feedback Post - Gai only

I figured it was about damn time I made one of these. >.>

If you have any questions, constructive critique or general feedback to give in regards to my portrayal of Gai, please post it here. Really, I'm sure I could use it. Don't be shy, just be constructive. :)

Thank you. ♥
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2009-05-30 11:19 pm
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(no subject)

Spring! Glorious spring is in the air!

Can you feel it?! Summer will soon be upon us, but first let yourself be lost as the world is revitalized! This first blossoming of new life - that is what the Springtime of Youth is!
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2009-03-29 10:51 pm

[BACKDATED (Sat/March 28) and LOCKED to Tsunade]

Tsunade-sama, I attended Jack's birthday party, and I observes something that I thought I should bring to your attention.

Kabuto also attended the party.
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2009-03-18 11:24 am

[LOCKED from Eris and Ares]

A noble beast that was! In a way, it was a shame to end its life, but as with any time when two foes clash, only one will walk away. Although if my particular foe had won, it would've flown away. But that's not the point! The point is that the score with Eris has been evened.

Not that I am the type to let my heart burn itself out with the need for vengeance, ha ha! Don't get the wrong idea. What she did was a slight against a good friend and, through him, myself. And an insult should be answered to.

May Eris's great eagle rest in peace, if there is any peace to be had for the beasts that serve the gods. I will always remember...
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2009-01-26 08:34 am


Thank you, Elphaba, for unfreezing me. You truly have my gratitude. Is there any way I can repay my debt to you?

Neji, Tenten - I wish to ask you both something. Have you heard from Lee?
...That's not what I originally intended to ask you, but I am growing concerned.

((He's not addressing Jack because he's doing so in one of Jack's own entries right now.))
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2009-01-01 09:42 pm
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[RL - Gai's Wondrous Winter Birthday Bash]

Just as Gai had said, he put together a simple but decorative outdoor skating rink in a large empty lot. The walls of the rink had green ribbons around the inside and outside, and there was a small booth at the side where guests could rent skates if they didn't have any of their own. Nearby was a restaurant, with warm lights enticing those who want a break from the winter chill.

And to set the mood just right, light snow was drifting down on the scene; quite a charming set-up really.

((OOC: I'll be setting up separate comment threads, first for the rink then later for the restaurant since they'll be going there for dinner. This isn't supposed to be anything fancy, but hijinks are cool. :3 Mingle, have fun, so on and so forth.))
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2008-12-28 11:16 pm
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Last but not least, we have Gai's gift list. Like with the other lists, if you think I've missed one of your characters please let me know. :3
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2008-12-09 03:12 pm
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Come one, come all!

Ah community, the time is soon drawing near for my birthday. On that special date of January 1st - which I understand to be New Years Day in some other cultures, how refreshing! - I wish to have my friends here to celebrate with me! But...I can't decide what to do in order to celebrate!

Suggestions, my friends and comrades? There will probably be snow on the ground then, so perhaps a good winter activity!

((OOC: I don't intend for this to be a big event, especially since I don't know how my plans will change for New Years. Yes I know, backdating and all, but still.))
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2008-11-02 05:42 pm
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[A late freak-out follow-up to the Musical Virus (not backdated)]

I had thought it might have been a strangely vivid dream, a bizarre fantasy conjured by my subconscious. But I found them, and now I doubt that was the case at all!

These tight gold short shorts...the material, the make, just like what I thought I wore! But if they're here, it means I really did wear them!

Which means...

Which means...


It was a virus, wasn't it? Please tell me it was a virus...
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2008-07-22 08:38 pm
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Whoops...almost forgot about this. You all remember this little gem right? Well, those who did want a speedsuit -

Snake (ordered for him by Otacon for the lulz)

- now have one. Consider them worldhopped to their respective new owners somehow. Sorry for the delay. Enjoy your spandex everyone! 8D
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2008-06-26 11:33 pm
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[After second (assumed) jog around Konoha]

Aah, another refreshing jog! Jack, Gaara-kun, Naruto-kun - I must thank you for coming out to join me! Our souls have become bonded even closer in the ties of friendship! We must make plans to do it again - and invite more people!

Though if we have more people join us, it won't be as personal and direct.
But..."the more the merrier" as they say...

Let us simply make plans to go jogging joyfully together again, and we'll see what happens next time!

((Simple post, but me tired...sorry if it's not as hotblooded as it should be. >.>))
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2008-05-06 12:43 pm

[Trainer Gai appeared!]

Yo, trainers of the world! I hope you're all doing your very best and taking good care of your beloved Pokemon! Alas, it seems that Team Rocket is on the move, and they've taken a poor Pikachu from its rightful home! We should band together to try and stop them from furthering their evil deeds through the community! Who's with me?

Edit: ...First things first though, I need some Pokemon. Perhaps I can go out into the brave worlds beyond Konoha and capture some! Are there any worldhoppers available?
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2008-04-18 08:12 pm
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[RL - A refreshing jog - Konoha Gates]

Just as Gai had promised, he went to the gates one lovely early morn. Today, he and some of his dear friends would go for a jog a few times around the village, to appreciate the incoming season and to celebrate the fact that he was no longer a sea creature.

Those who go to see him at the gates will find him stretching vigorously, making loud "Hup! Hup!" sounds as he warmed up.
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2008-04-16 01:23 pm

(no subject)

So sorry to have disappeared for a while, but I have good news! The spell Ursula cast on me is finally wearing away! Though I still have fish scales on my legs, I'm just so glad to be able to run free again! So majestic and free! The Beautiful Green Beast of Konoha has risen again, just in time for the wonders of nature to burst forth out of the confines of winter!

Would anyone from my world like to come for a jog with me to celebrate?! Oh, nobody should be excluded - anybody who wishes to come for a long jog in celebration of my freedom and of the glory of spring is most welcome!!
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2008-02-24 12:47 am


((OOC: There wasn't really any planning in regards to what happened to Gai and Ursula, so I'm just going to wing it. Basics: Ursula turned Gai into a Merman so he could be with her. No, they did not have sex, though I'm not opposed to having Gai think they might have. Mindfuck yey! 8D Also backdated.))

[A very groggy Gai is heard, slowly waking up as he goes on.]
O-Oh, what's this? Underwater..?

That's right - that strange feeling that told me I must see Ursula...Ursula? I didn't even know an Ursula until then.

And then I went to the sea and...


I really have been transformed! Wait, where is Ursula..? Asleep here?

...Next to me?

...Did we - did I - it cannot be..!


[Sounds of something swimming away with great strength and speed. Audio cuts out. This will be the last we hear from Gai for some time.]
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2008-02-15 01:12 am
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[RL - LOCKED to Ursula]

[Gai stands on the beach, overlooking the rolling waves of the sea. Somewhere, out there, was his Ursula. Alas he would have to wait for her, as the great wide ocean was her territory, and he'd only drown eventually get lost in it. So there, alone on the beach, he waited.]

[But not without calling out...]

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2008-01-02 08:06 pm
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RL - Gai's Birthday Party

((OOC: Script-formating for myself to keep things simple/quick. You all may use whatever you want of course. ^^))

[Streamers, several blankets, a basket of dumplings and a few bottles of sake have been set up to start things off for Gai's birthday bash. Just off to the side there appears to be an impromptu stage (a wooden crate) next to a karaoke machine (don't ask how it's been rigged up to actually work). Gai is looking over the site to make sure everything is there and perfect.]